December 28, 2007


A new art show for the new year!

Notes, numbers, alphabetical order: keeping a record collection, a kennel, and a pirate radio station organized. Collages and copy art by Rebecca Mack will be shown at Viva Espresso cafe from January 2 through 30, 2008. Viva Espresso is located at 197 N. Winooski Avenue in Burlington, Vermont. There will be a closing reception from 7 to 9 pm on January 25 with djs Classic Hits and Mothertrucker.

The work in this show is inspired by handwritten systems of organization: notebooks, index card files, catalogs, etc. Three discreet systems have been sampled: the 45 rpm record collection of Mr. William Clenahan (Albany, NY, circa 1950); the index card files of the Woodville Kennel, owned and operated by Harriet Smythe in Torrington, CT (ca. 1960-1991); and the lost (and found) notebook of a member of the Free Radio Burlington Collective (Burlington, Vt circa 2002). Color and black/white copies of these archives have been cut and pasted onto oaktag, chipboard, and brown paper bags in collage. These works are non-archival quality and are priced according to labor and materials; prices ranges from $5 to $85.

Records pictured from the collection of Mr. Clenahan will be played by the djs at the closing reception. For information regarding purchase of artwork please email

December 12, 2007

my mom's new etsy store

My mom has just opened her new online store! Susan Mack is the woman behind After All Designs, lovely handcrafted cotton apparel and homegoods. See her bright fabrics and whimsical stitchery, all made here in Vermont and now available at the link below:

December 6, 2007

a better fit

Interested in learning to alter your own clothes to fit you better? I'll be leading a workshop on the topic on Sunday, December 16th from 2 to 4 pm at the Bobbin on N. Winooski Avenue in Burlington. Bring that promising garment that vexes you; I'll help you change it. We'll also be going over the foundation of good fit: measurement and ease. The fee is $30, which includes the two hours of sewing time during the workshop and an additional hour of open sew time for you to finish up your project later (or work on something else, I suppose). Stop in to register or contact them by email:

November 20, 2007

november projects

I've been keeping busy cranking out caps at the Flying Hen Studio this month. This project is a limited edition of 20 caps in corduroy and recycled denim, some with felt barn swallow applique. I have all 20 orders in and just finished #s 16 and 17 last week.

When this run is over I will have a few caps for sale at The Bobbin on N. Winooski Avenue in Burlington. I'm feeling the cold breath of November and sketching designs for some winter wear. When I'm not working in the studio, at my hospice job, or taking care of my twins, sometimes I get together with friends and...

... make something!

Looking to participate in an unusual group project? Anarchist Craft Cicle will meet again on Friday Nov. 23 from 4 to 6 pm at the aforementioned Bobbin. We are working on a (secret) group project. Catch a glimpse below, and come help out this friday!

(what is it? can't say!)

November 9, 2007

sounds like a murder...

Littlewing (aka DJ Classic Hits) pimped her ride with crow effects.

November 7, 2007

The Murder Rides...

Thanks to all the crows who came out for the totally cawsome First Annual Halloween Ride! At its peak, the murder had 30 riders cawing to trick-or-treaters and treat-or-trickers. Here are some mediocre photos (it was dark...) of the scene before the ride. Thanks especially to Lee for beak-making and Joe for the pre-recorded murder soundscape! CAW!!

October 26, 2007

Calling all Crows!

A digital call to ride!! Halloween night we'll flock and swoop through the trickortreating and revelry. CAW!!! CAW!! I was hoping for some printed or line-drawn chits, but I managed with photoshop...

October 4, 2007

the bobbin

This weekend is the grand opening on Burlington's first sew bar and craft lounge, the (newly remixed) Bobbin! and it's right here in the Old North End! The Bobbin has an exciting calendar of community craft events, including "knit and nurse", "anarchist craft circle" and "queer crafting", as well as classes and a pay-by-hour fleet of sewing machines. They even have a serger! They'll be open from 10 to 6, Saturday the 6th and Sunday the 7th, with lots of events and a DIY fashion parade. So, if you're in the 'hood this weekend (coming by Viva Espresso to order caps or something) stop by and check them out. The shop's on the corner of Archibald and N. Winooski. Their website:

October 2, 2007

come and get 'em

This Sunday, October 7, I'll be taking cap orders between 9am and noon at Viva Espresso on North Winooski Ave, Burlington. Come see samples. Choose from fabric swatches for body and applique fabrics. I can even take your measurements on the spot. If you can't make it, drop me an email. See you there!

September 25, 2007

getting my cap on

This past Rosh Hashanah I decided to make an effort to use recycled fabrics and materials in my creative work; thinking about how much waste we create on this life, especially as first-world consumers, feels heavy. It's a pithy new year sentiment but it really feels right to limit my consumption of new goods. All those yards of denim, sewn up into american jeans- what happens when the knees blow? Landfill? Why not something lovely and useful instead? So here come some denim caps...

These thumbnails are of the last cap completed for a custom order. I'm currently taking orders for denim and corduroy caps, with or without barn swallow applique. If you are interested, please email me at I'm turning orders in less than a week- that's almost immediate gratification, folks!

Here are some typed size tags. I love my typewriter; what a trusty rusty friend it is! Below are a few barn swallows in various swoops.

September 10, 2007

Finished the plastic bag clutch just in time for wedding weekend. Its made from black plastic bags from the bodega that say 'thank you for shopping here" in gold, and black plastic bags from the wine shop that have a gold print of grapes. It closes with a self-sticking velcro patch. We did trial runs at the clam shack before the ceremony. The bag matched the dress perfectly. It was well received at the wedding, but by the end of the night the seems started to peel and the velcro glue failed. Next time I will sew it together.

September 5, 2007

working on a mixtape

It's still a mixtape, even if it's recorded on a minidisc, edited on an imac, and burned on a cd, right? For the love of headphones, people !#*%??!
People misread this hat all the time. If I have any skin showing, folks read, HOT. If I'm pushing the stroller it's MOM. My favorite is that it stands for MOTHER-OF-TWINS (that's usually when i'm pushing the boys around in the double stroller). Of course it really is just a simple nickname, Mo-T, short for Mothertrucker, my DJ handle. The babies get very excited when they see me put it on because it means we're going outside (or maybe because they have superior fashion sense, innately). And yes, it is Bedazzled.

August 22, 2007

and one for me, too


had to make one for myself!

this month has kept me very busy with family and mostly out of the studio. in those precious stolen moments, however, i came up with the design and pattern for these caps. they are so smart; i just have to make a few up for sale. if you're interested in them, drop me a line by email.

August 13, 2007

corduroy cap

This little flapper cap was built from a pair of torn slacks.

It has six triangular panels at the crown and a rectangular piece for the head circumference. A little sloped brim, a red felt barn swallow applique and some danger orange topstitching finish it. Since it was a gift (happy birthday, erin!), it has now moved on; i'll have to make another for myself!

August 6, 2007

knitting dragons...

July 28, 2007

The finished plastic bag bag!
Holds vinyl LPs just fine.
I rocked this bag all over 3 boroughs today and received...well, a luke warm response. The next bag will be way fresher. Just warming up.
Thanks to my brother for the barely acceptable photo and thanks to me for the worse one.

ramble startle stencil

Of the many events of today's Old North End festivities, I partook in very few but enjoyed them much! It was a pleasure as always to have visitors to the Stairway Gallery, which is typically open by appointment only. Anyone who missed it is welcome to contact me by email to schedule a visit.

The Kriya Studio hosted a fine community paint-in, inviting the public to use their paint and plywood in the name of mural making. I used my stencil to add a startle of barn swallows to the bright, celestial image in progress at 3:30 pm.

July 27, 2007

Gallery open 12 to 6 tommorrow

The Flying Hen Stairway Gallery will be open from 12 to 6 pm tommorrow, Saturday July 28 for the Ramble. Please stop by if you're in the hood. Above is the building's facade; gallery door is located off the driveway.

This photo is a note from my desk. The chevron stripes are a sleeve hem from a sweater nearly finished. Sewing the components together may have to wait until I finished reading a certain giant book just released last weekend (shhh! say nothing!). Corrugated cardboard barn swallows are left over from preparing a stencil for the community graffiti project at Kriya Studio. If the babies' teeth allow, I just might get to paint it, insha'allah!

July 25, 2007


The box of National Geographics leftover from the swap will be donated to the Kriya Studio, a community art space on North Winooski Ave in the Old North End. Never been there? Visit during the Ramble this weekend to see DJ Littlewing, the audience participation graffiti mural, and more!

After a nearly sleepless night of parenting twins, I feel so grateful to be up in the studio, listening to Saul Williams and Bahamadia, working on a new stencil, and moving freely about my own headspace. Whew!! Being a good mother sure ain't easy, can I get a witness?

July 24, 2007

thanks, swappers!

Well, that was fun! Thank you to all those who came, to all who rsvp'd and to the members of the Burlington Craft Mafia who posted the event on their blogs. Thank you, thank you.

Pictured below are some prominent leftovers, which are still available to anyone who wants to pick them up. The yarn is mostly acrylic (and lots of it!), with some tapestry-grade wool and some novelty-eyelash.

Collage-artists: here is a giant stash of National Geographics from the 80's, waiting to be yours!

Available fabrics include corduroy, velveteen, net, satin, calico and tulle in vatious dimensions....

Miscellaneous goodies include:
-a 110 spy camera with 5 rolls of film
- a Mercury Satellite 127 medium format camera (which may work)
- plastic panoramic snapshot camera, 35mm
-a kenmore buttonholing mechanism (with interchangable presser feet)

If you wish to claim any of these leftovers, email me at

July 16, 2007

quick reminder

Hey Burlingtonians! The art and craft supply swap is coming right up.... time for busy people to start sorting! It's this Sunday from 3 to 5 pm, and if you're planning on coming rsvp to Thanks!

July 12, 2007

Plastic Bag Textiles

I got totally nutty making these plastic bag things. Sorry about the plastic on your iron mo-t.

July 9, 2007

lesson one thumbnails

This project was made on 5 July in Burlington, VT with xeroxes, YES paste and spackling knives. The images were lifted from an album sleeve of a 1983 breakdance compilation.