July 31, 2009


Here's Decatur Street, outside the Flying Hen Studio, last Saturday!

And that's our new tandem! Thanks, Old Spokes Home!

Photos by Heather Driscoll.

July 25, 2009


Here's a little something in celebration of Pride, even if it's from California, not Vermont. 

New Ramble Caps!

A new batch of caps from Flying Hen Studio is available now at The Bobbin, in celebration of The Ramble! Come on down; they're open until 5 pm. (Then you can wear your new cap on the Ramble Bike Ride, which starts in front of the Flying Hen Studio on Decatur St at 5!)

July 1, 2009

burlington craft busking

Anarchist Craft Circle brings you a rag knitting demonstration!

We used t-shirts cut into strips.

Watch Burlington streets and parks this summer and fall for more demonstrations!