September 26, 2009

After All Designs... aprons

Here are the latest aprons from After All Designs, made up in lovely, 100% cotton fabrics. Wearable, washable, livable, lovable aprons from my mama's stitching studio right here in Burlington, Vermont!

September 1, 2009

Bike Cap Delivery!

I finished the first installation of the Fall 2009 cap series a few hours ago. Next door neighbor, Jen, helped model and deliver them to the Bobbin. Sold one on the way, but most arrived soundly!

Here is today's collection at the Bobbin. See it in person at the shop, corner of N. Winooski and Archibald St.s, Burlington. The caps pictured are in a range of sizes and are priced from $20 to $45.

See how the Bike Cap pattern is made to hug deep down to the nape of the neck? That's what keeps it from flying off your head when you speed down the hill!

Here's Jen giving us a Bike Cap action shot on my "used-to-be-a-10-speed". This is my beloved old bike I've had for 20(!) years. For our 20th anniversary I had the Old Spokes Home rebuild her into a single speed. See the festive birthday handlebar streamers?