December 28, 2007


A new art show for the new year!

Notes, numbers, alphabetical order: keeping a record collection, a kennel, and a pirate radio station organized. Collages and copy art by Rebecca Mack will be shown at Viva Espresso cafe from January 2 through 30, 2008. Viva Espresso is located at 197 N. Winooski Avenue in Burlington, Vermont. There will be a closing reception from 7 to 9 pm on January 25 with djs Classic Hits and Mothertrucker.

The work in this show is inspired by handwritten systems of organization: notebooks, index card files, catalogs, etc. Three discreet systems have been sampled: the 45 rpm record collection of Mr. William Clenahan (Albany, NY, circa 1950); the index card files of the Woodville Kennel, owned and operated by Harriet Smythe in Torrington, CT (ca. 1960-1991); and the lost (and found) notebook of a member of the Free Radio Burlington Collective (Burlington, Vt circa 2002). Color and black/white copies of these archives have been cut and pasted onto oaktag, chipboard, and brown paper bags in collage. These works are non-archival quality and are priced according to labor and materials; prices ranges from $5 to $85.

Records pictured from the collection of Mr. Clenahan will be played by the djs at the closing reception. For information regarding purchase of artwork please email

December 12, 2007

my mom's new etsy store

My mom has just opened her new online store! Susan Mack is the woman behind After All Designs, lovely handcrafted cotton apparel and homegoods. See her bright fabrics and whimsical stitchery, all made here in Vermont and now available at the link below:

December 6, 2007

a better fit

Interested in learning to alter your own clothes to fit you better? I'll be leading a workshop on the topic on Sunday, December 16th from 2 to 4 pm at the Bobbin on N. Winooski Avenue in Burlington. Bring that promising garment that vexes you; I'll help you change it. We'll also be going over the foundation of good fit: measurement and ease. The fee is $30, which includes the two hours of sewing time during the workshop and an additional hour of open sew time for you to finish up your project later (or work on something else, I suppose). Stop in to register or contact them by email: