March 27, 2011

Captured: studio images, March 2011

This Sunday morning, before I go to work, I'm taking a moment to share some images I've captured in the studio this month. Some are captured in the wild, such as these 45s from a used record store in Brussels, and the yardstick from Jamba's Junktiques. Others were captured in pencil and ink in the pages of my homemade sketchbook.


Today I am inspired by numerals, the many textures and colors of grey metal, perfect squares, love lists, and by my mitten-clad faerie muses. How about you?

March 19, 2011

Please do not play this record on Sabbaths or holydays.

What a wonderful melting mess is changing shape everyday outside the studio! Inside, it's love and art as usual: upcycling caps for spring, listening through the winter stacks of records, documenting as we go. Geese above, puddles below, wild horn sections in perfect timing, a new set of pastels, and a basket of thyme. Here's a glimpse, but please "... do not play this record on Sabbaths or holydays"! Shabbat Shalom.

March 8, 2011

Record-breaking (snow) in Burlington!

I love records of all sorts. Breaking records is a little like making mixtapes: take previously recorded information and make a new experience! That's just what we've been up to in Burlington. Today is the second snow day in a row for the teachers and schoolkids; the snow stopped last night but the city's still scrambling to plow the sidewalks and you can't have the little guys walking to school in the road (especially after watching yahoos pull donuts all over your neighborhood at night!)
Here's what we've been up to at our snowfort:

Hope you're enjoying the great indoors as well!

March 6, 2011

That's so square.

One of my favorite things about the Diana-mini, our new family camera, is that it allows one to shoot either in the half-frame aspect ratio, or SQUARE! I think my love of square composition comes directly from my love of records (and cd's), and perhaps from a long love of simple patchwork quilts. Even in my collage work, I am devoted to the square. Here are a few recent shots from the Diana-mini and some older collage work. For the love of squares!

March 2, 2011

Flying Hen Studio Cap Giveaway!

Here's a surprise offer: a coupon for one free cap, redeemable at The Bobbin in Burlington, Vermont; coupon valid during the month of March 2011 only. Simply comment on this post with your email address by the end of Friday, March 4th. On Saturday, I'll draw a random winner from the pool and contact you with your coupon. Then it's up to you to pick out your favorite cap from The Bobbin by the end of the month. Good luck and thanks for playing!