September 25, 2007

getting my cap on

This past Rosh Hashanah I decided to make an effort to use recycled fabrics and materials in my creative work; thinking about how much waste we create on this life, especially as first-world consumers, feels heavy. It's a pithy new year sentiment but it really feels right to limit my consumption of new goods. All those yards of denim, sewn up into american jeans- what happens when the knees blow? Landfill? Why not something lovely and useful instead? So here come some denim caps...

These thumbnails are of the last cap completed for a custom order. I'm currently taking orders for denim and corduroy caps, with or without barn swallow applique. If you are interested, please email me at I'm turning orders in less than a week- that's almost immediate gratification, folks!

Here are some typed size tags. I love my typewriter; what a trusty rusty friend it is! Below are a few barn swallows in various swoops.

September 10, 2007

Finished the plastic bag clutch just in time for wedding weekend. Its made from black plastic bags from the bodega that say 'thank you for shopping here" in gold, and black plastic bags from the wine shop that have a gold print of grapes. It closes with a self-sticking velcro patch. We did trial runs at the clam shack before the ceremony. The bag matched the dress perfectly. It was well received at the wedding, but by the end of the night the seems started to peel and the velcro glue failed. Next time I will sew it together.

September 5, 2007

working on a mixtape

It's still a mixtape, even if it's recorded on a minidisc, edited on an imac, and burned on a cd, right? For the love of headphones, people !#*%??!
People misread this hat all the time. If I have any skin showing, folks read, HOT. If I'm pushing the stroller it's MOM. My favorite is that it stands for MOTHER-OF-TWINS (that's usually when i'm pushing the boys around in the double stroller). Of course it really is just a simple nickname, Mo-T, short for Mothertrucker, my DJ handle. The babies get very excited when they see me put it on because it means we're going outside (or maybe because they have superior fashion sense, innately). And yes, it is Bedazzled.