November 20, 2007

november projects

I've been keeping busy cranking out caps at the Flying Hen Studio this month. This project is a limited edition of 20 caps in corduroy and recycled denim, some with felt barn swallow applique. I have all 20 orders in and just finished #s 16 and 17 last week.

When this run is over I will have a few caps for sale at The Bobbin on N. Winooski Avenue in Burlington. I'm feeling the cold breath of November and sketching designs for some winter wear. When I'm not working in the studio, at my hospice job, or taking care of my twins, sometimes I get together with friends and...

... make something!

Looking to participate in an unusual group project? Anarchist Craft Cicle will meet again on Friday Nov. 23 from 4 to 6 pm at the aforementioned Bobbin. We are working on a (secret) group project. Catch a glimpse below, and come help out this friday!

(what is it? can't say!)

November 9, 2007

sounds like a murder...

Littlewing (aka DJ Classic Hits) pimped her ride with crow effects.

November 7, 2007

The Murder Rides...

Thanks to all the crows who came out for the totally cawsome First Annual Halloween Ride! At its peak, the murder had 30 riders cawing to trick-or-treaters and treat-or-trickers. Here are some mediocre photos (it was dark...) of the scene before the ride. Thanks especially to Lee for beak-making and Joe for the pre-recorded murder soundscape! CAW!!