December 28, 2007


A new art show for the new year!

Notes, numbers, alphabetical order: keeping a record collection, a kennel, and a pirate radio station organized. Collages and copy art by Rebecca Mack will be shown at Viva Espresso cafe from January 2 through 30, 2008. Viva Espresso is located at 197 N. Winooski Avenue in Burlington, Vermont. There will be a closing reception from 7 to 9 pm on January 25 with djs Classic Hits and Mothertrucker.

The work in this show is inspired by handwritten systems of organization: notebooks, index card files, catalogs, etc. Three discreet systems have been sampled: the 45 rpm record collection of Mr. William Clenahan (Albany, NY, circa 1950); the index card files of the Woodville Kennel, owned and operated by Harriet Smythe in Torrington, CT (ca. 1960-1991); and the lost (and found) notebook of a member of the Free Radio Burlington Collective (Burlington, Vt circa 2002). Color and black/white copies of these archives have been cut and pasted onto oaktag, chipboard, and brown paper bags in collage. These works are non-archival quality and are priced according to labor and materials; prices ranges from $5 to $85.

Records pictured from the collection of Mr. Clenahan will be played by the djs at the closing reception. For information regarding purchase of artwork please email

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