July 27, 2007

Gallery open 12 to 6 tommorrow

The Flying Hen Stairway Gallery will be open from 12 to 6 pm tommorrow, Saturday July 28 for the Ramble. Please stop by if you're in the hood. Above is the building's facade; gallery door is located off the driveway.

This photo is a note from my desk. The chevron stripes are a sleeve hem from a sweater nearly finished. Sewing the components together may have to wait until I finished reading a certain giant book just released last weekend (shhh! say nothing!). Corrugated cardboard barn swallows are left over from preparing a stencil for the community graffiti project at Kriya Studio. If the babies' teeth allow, I just might get to paint it, insha'allah!

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Taryn said...

Thanks for writing this.