February 8, 2010

My Second-Favorite Holiday

There are lots of reasons not to celebrate or support the practice of celebrating Valentine's Day. From it's deep roots in European patriarchy to it's current capitalistic expressions, it is full of flaws. But, so am I, and I just love an excuse to spread to love of craft! Round about mid-February, we Northerners need a little excuse to light candles and set gluesticks to scrap paper in the name of Love!

Halloween is the ultimate crafter's delight because the social expectations are low and there is as much room for costume, theater, and creativity as one cares to assume.  Valentine's Day is my second favorite, because it's social weight is light enough to leave folks with room to play around; a perfect excuse to open the studio stash of paper scraps for a free-recycling love-in! We invited a few souls over to open the suitcases of fiber mystery; gave them scissors, glue, envelopes, and stamps.

Of course I can't show any of the missives, but I do encourage everyone to take this late winter opportunity to light the candles, pour the wine, and mix the magic of collage with postal service in celebration of our human predicament!

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