February 2, 2010

"Living the Dream"!

First week of going back to school as a mama has had its challenges but I'm still on my game. Most of the week, though, the house has looked like this:
Well, it's been really, really cold here in Burlington, VT. So the living room is also the playground for most of the day! New schedules confuse me until I absorb them. Here's a confused me in the studio trying to decide whether to exercise or finish sewing the three caps in various stages of production on the worktable:

Since last Tuesday, which was the first day of the semester and hence the beginning of my new life, I have managed to:
1. Read and complete all homework.
2. Not contract any new viruses (I'm knocking on wood right now).
3. Sew a new set of lacy party flags.
4. Not sew at all on the caps on my worktable.
5. 1.5 hrs of yoga
6. Go to work a couple times.
7. Send a postcard in the mail.
8. Made a batch of truffles with cacao nibs on top.
9. Lose my school folder containing everything EXCEPT my homework (really hoping to find that any minute).
10. Bake muffins with my little guys.
11. Make and wrap a birthday gift for my mom. Happy Birthday, Mom!
12. Almost went to a party. at night. without the kids. but then I really just wanted to snuggle them like I always do and fall asleep.

These are snapshots; to tell the truth, I can't remember most of the week. I feel tired but happy to be, as my friend Rachel says about life as a mama-worker-student-artist, "Living the Dream"!


Teru said...

So, you're saying you're busy? What are you taking?

I'm still trying to get my head back into teaching mode before my first section on Friday. Fortunately all I need to cover is the first homework, which is all about getting their accounts set up so they can do the rest of the assignments this semester.

mothertrucker said...

This semester I'm taking one class which will transfer to a potential nursing degree: Nutrition. I was tempted to dive into more, but decided it prudent to see how I would fit the homework part into the rest of my responsibilities. So far, so good!

Teru said...

Cool! Nursing courses can be a bear! My friend Katherine did the whole nursing route a few years ago and now works in a psychiatric hospital. It's hard work but she loves it.

erinn said...

as a mom i commend you on your productive week! i love the yoga/studio pic more than anything, i sometimes have visions of myself with objects and projects and kids and possible courses of action kind of floating around my head - sort of like pig pen from charlie brown, and none of it ever completely getting done. or it does, just in it's own way and not the way i plan. i really want to come see your studio! and cal is next to me right now yelling BECCA MACK!! because i told him i was typing a message to you. xoxoxox
oh and thanks for the invite to the cut and paste, eli and i are hoping to come!

TARA JONES said...

Becca I love your documentations. You always had a wonderful way of presenting your life in such a creative way. Keep it up, its very inspiring!