June 22, 2012

RECORDS Release Party Tonight!

Tonight at Pure Pop Records in Burlington, Vermont, we will celebrate the release of RECORDS, my new artist's book with read-along-record soundtrack.

This project, begun in 2002, represents both my dearest wish come true and my gift to the world. Though it was conceived whole, in exactly this format, it has undergone a decade's worth of changes in content. I knew I needed to make a collaged book of my own visual samples of the world (photographs) with a companion soundtrack of collaged field recordings and samples. To print the full-color books and press 45rpm, 7" records was a prohibitively expensive project. Yet it was the only acceptable manifestation for me, as I needed to make an explicit reference to the read-along-record story books of my childhood. That I am both a visual and a sound artist, making recordings of the world around me, required this ambi-sensual format. But it took many years to save enough money to allow the project to take this shape. 

I owe a great thank-you to the Fools Gold Artists' Fund, who provided a significant portion of the funding. Without them, I'd still be saving for a few more years! I feel enormously supported by this wonderful community of artists, farmers, and other hard-working revolutionaries in Burlington's Old North End neighborhood. I am lucky to live, and raise my family, here.

Here's a review of the project:

Seven Days newspaper review of RECORDS

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