April 17, 2012

Collaborative drawings, 1:

The kids and I have been collaborating, of late, on drawings. I start one while they're at school and leave it on the studio table with a note for them to read when they come home and I'm at work. When I get home (late, after bedtime) from work I can see what they've modified. On luckier days, "home days", when we're home together, we draw side by side. Here's installment #1 of our collaborative drawings series:

This one is called, "Dancer and Bear." Here are our notes from the back:

- started by Becca Mack
- Chaviv added bear and spear
- Kathir made thumbtacks and squares and sun behind the moon, a comedy and a star, pointy shooters, and a mouse trail.

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Beth Young said...

I love, love, love kid's drawings, and love the collaborative drawing you posted here! I also love the word stitcherie! :)