May 1, 2010

When two shirts become one...

I do love the Slow Design process of envisioning, sketching, planning, pattern drafting, deconstructing and recycling materials,and finally realizing the design in its unique and given circumstance.  Equally am I drawn to, and frequently fall into, a more fluid squishing of elements on hand; projects whose genesis is the extra cup of coffee, whose realization is fated by a moment's contents of the studio, and worn home just in time to make lunch for small boys.
This garment is of the latter tribe, the Frankengarment. Pieces synthesized for their own good. The most-of-a-western blouse was in a lucky pile I received from Paper Moon Project as she packed for her return to Los Angeles. Into it I gathered a strip of Heather Ross bicycle print fabric and much of a cotton gauze shirt, once upon a time worn for fieldwork by my vegetable-farming husband.

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