January 19, 2010

Today's Caps and a good old friend

Here is a photo of me, capmaker, Rebecca Mack, with the current selection of caps for sale at The Bobbin. There are three baby caps, two for bigger kiddos, and the other six (including the one I'm modeling) are in various grown-up sizes. Some of them are reversible. For shop hours and directions, please call 802.862.7417.

I also wanted to share this photo of an old friend with whom I am recently reacquainted: Superman Record Player. The tone arm needs to be weighted with a box of matches in order to sink deep enough into most record grooves. That probably means the needle is dull, right? That certainly doesn't stop me from enjoying the warm, crackly sound of its built-in speaker. I have inheirited the complete and catalogued 45 collection of a gentleman named William Clenahan who lived in Albany, NY in the 1950's and was a great lover of music. So, my old friend is connecting me to the life of a man I never knew. And we thought virtual realities are tied to DIGITAL technologies! Viva ANALOG!

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