March 25, 2008

corduroy jacket

I have wanted a jacket like this for a long time. Long enough to justify the long time I spent making it! It may be the most complicated thing I've ever sewn; certainly more difficult than my wedding dress.

It was an adventure in topstitching and buttonholes. Actually the adventure began in the church basement thrift stores, finding pants in a blue-green palette to cut up.

I chose the pattern for the pocket depth. I need to carry around a small notebook most of the time, as well as the obvious necessities: wallet, keys, crackers.

Now I have just enough leftover pieces of reclaimed corduroy to launch the spring line of Flying Hen caps. No custom orders this time... just have to wait and see! Caps will be available May 4 with one exception: the first in the series is a child's blue cap which will be auctioned to benefit the Fools Gold Artists' Fund. The auction is from 6 to 9pm on April 1 at 216 Battery Street, preceding the Pink and Blue Ball.

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