June 3, 2007

marvin and the paper mobile

here's our handsome mascot, marvin. he guards the studio so nobody steals my paper scraps and disco records. actually most of the time he's littlewing's sidekick at the farm.

i'm working on cutting out many many many 2 inch circles from colorful paper with which to make a mobile for the chicklets. it's been so much fun turning ephemera into, well, more interesting ephemera, and giving it a relationship with the wind.

this project may take a while. nursing the chicklets takes up most of my time these days. they don't call me mothertrucker for nothing! we did get in a bit of turntable time yesterday; here's an artist list of the set: eddie kendricks, roxanne shante, jurassic 5, shuggie otis, and malkit singh.

well, i'm mo-t and that's the news from the flying hen.

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